Timerson Graze Page

Additional Information and Directions for Use


The Graze Page contains Interactive Maps of Event Paths
The Time File gives times and other important details along the graze path.

Email me for Profiles for specific longitude positions and elevations along the path.
Use the Offsets on the maps to adjust location based on the Profile.
At the links below, you will be directed to Google Maps of the event.  
This is an interactive map allowing you to zoom in on your location and find road intersections at which observing stations can be located.
I appreciate the help of Derek Breit and Kiwi Geoff Hitchcox in getting these pages published.


Check below for NEW Google Map features!


Procedures to Report Total and Grazing Lunar Occultations

The International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) analyzes lunar occultation observations and is now the world clearinghouse for such observations,

having taken over this role from the International Lunar Occultation Centre (ILOC), which closed in March 2009.

Because of this, new procedures were established then to aid observers in reporting their observations.


Two new ways (in addition to using OCCULT4 directly and LOW - Lunar Occultation Workbench) are now available to report lunar occultations.


Dave Herald has written a stand-alone application called LunarReport which looks very much like the module used in OCCULT4 to enter observations.

It is a small file (200k zipfile) that is a good alternative for those not wanting to download the full Occult program. 

 The second, much less desirable method, uses an Excel Report Form similar to the Form in widespread use in the reporting of Asteroidal Occultations.

If you use this Form, be aware that your results will be converted to an Occult readable format

and you will not be provided with feedback other than to see the results once they are published in Occult.


***It is preferred that all observers enter their observations in the OCCULT program.*** 

***If that program is not available, then use the stand-alone application provided by Dave Herald in the table below.*** 

As a LAST resort, you may use the Excel Report Form.


Read HERE the latest information on how to Report Lunar Occultations (Word file)  (Text File)


FIRST TIME OBSERVERS or those who have questions about filling in these Forms

should ASK THEIR COORDINATOR for help.


In North America, observers should contact Derek Breit with any questions they have. 

He is more than willing to help observers through that first filing session.

Check this out!  http://www.poyntsource.com/New/LunarOccTiming.htm



Send all Grazing Occultation Reports to Mitsuru Soma .  North America observers should send a Copy to Derek Breit.

Send all North American Total Occultation Reports to Derek Breit


Reports should be created using the following tools. 

They are listed in the preferred order.

(PLEASE use OCCULT when available)


 OCCULT download page


Dave Herald's Lunar Occultation Reporting Application (200K ZIP file)


 Excel-based Lunar Occultation Report Form

Directions for use of the Excel-based Form (Word) (Text)

PLEASE, use this Form ONLY when the other two options are not available


Dave Herald's Summary Emails of the NEW Procedures  (Text file)


Dave Herald's Important Information regarding Double Stars and Lunar Occultations (text file)



NEW Google Maps Features!!


The NEW Google Maps have a crosshair at the center.

This makes it very easy to derive latitude and longitude (shown at top of map)!


Zoom in and out using scale on left side of map or using the mouse scroller.

Move the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging map.


You can now create a chart showing the Elevation between 2 or more points on the NEW Google Maps.

Click on the Map where you want to start an elevation profile; click again on a second location.
Below the Google Map, a chart will be created showing the elevation profile between the two (or more) points.
Once the chart has come up, "mouse over" the blue elevation profile data, to create a movable icon
that relates the elevation with position on the map. 

If you mouse click in the blue chart area a dialog box will pop up, showing the elevation at that point.

You can also "drag" the red balloon markers to a new position if you wish.

Press the "Clear elevation markers" if you want to create a new elevation profile.

Top of Map = North , Left = West , Right = East , Bottom = South

Use + or - in the input boxes to decide which side of the GREEN line to draw line.
A + value places a line on the True Right Hand Side of the path (in direction of increasing time).
When this page initially opens, one gray line is set further out from the center (GREEN) path.
The further displaced gray line (as you zoom in) is the True RIGHT HAND side of the path.